Education Planning

With the cost of education increasing annually around the country at a minimum 3 percent above the rate of inflation, we all must begin saving for our children's education during their earliest years of childhood. In some cases, if we are planning on sending our children to private elementary schools, we must begin saving even before they are born. 

At GB Financial Services, LLC, we begin by reviewing your education goals for you and your children, and then we develop a planning strategy that works for you. We consider the type of school and degree program—public or private, undergraduate or graduate—and its respective fees. We then calculate your overall financial liability for each of the years your child(ren) will be attending school.

Once we know the annual amounts needed to send your children to the school they desire, we develop savings and investment strategies to help meet these goals. In the process of developing your education plan, however, we make sure the rest of your life goals and their respective plans are working together. 

Be sure to take a look at the Education Calculators available on this website to see roughly what savings rate will be needed and determine if you may be able to qualify for financial aid.