Life Planning

Life planning and coaching prepare you emotionally for the process of managing your wealth. The objective of GB Financial Services, LLC, is to listen to your concerns and ascertain your aspirations to make sure your financial goals are in sync with the way you want to live your life. Successful financial planning is only as successful as your financial behavior—if your financial behavior lacks focus, it may severely affect your financial security. Having a certified life coach on staff allows clients to have someone they can confide in and feel comfortable going to with questions, life problems, and concerns.

GB Financial Services, LLC, separates retirement preparedness from retirement planning. We all seek some certitude around retirement, and planning connotes concrete steps that lead to a positive goal or outcome. But life is not always so concrete. There are some aspects about retirement that are not part of people's dreams or hopes, such as illness, divorce, or the death of a spouse. We prepare our clients for the sad parts of aging as well as the pleasant parts.

Preparing clients for the inevitable is how we add value to the financial planning process. We create a buffer that enables a client to understand that these sad life events might occur and that preparing for them makes sense as part of a proactive approach.

As planners, we engage clients by acknowledging the possibility of an event actually occurring, and we facilitate discussions to help clients find comprehensive solutions to these contingencies.

Many individuals hide the reality of how little they know about the financial world that sustains them. They need education, gradual development of a more open, and an informed approach to their money. GB Financial Services, LLC, is willing to listen, encourage questions, and teach—starting from basics and building toward greater financial competency.